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iMailist 2 - Newsletters creator on OS X

iMailist is a software allowing the sending of mails to format HTML to a whole mailing-list from a web page.
iMailist is free and distributed under GNU/GPL licence, you can support iMailist Project with donation by Paypal.

Mac OS 10.3 required.

Copie d'écran

  • Importants fixes in Automatic baseURL detection.
  • More speecials characters are supported

  • Automatic baseURL detection.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

  • Add the "Cc" field.
  • Auto Check Version.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

  • Little fix in the Prefs Panel

  • You can open/save pre-formatted mails
  • Edit the source code, with a real time preview
  • Auto- Detect the pages encoding
  • Address Book is more integrated (with a standard Adress Book Panel)
  • Increase the speed to send mails
  • Big pages load bug fixed
  • Support the Drag&Drop on the URL Field, and on the mail list.

  • SMTP Authentification
  • Lot of little bugs fixes
  • A new sweet icon ;-)

  • Address Book is integrated
  • Preview the downloaded HTML source
  • Multiples mailing Lists management
  • Import mailings lists from the adress book or text files.
  • You can Add/Remove mails and lists as you wich

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